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If you are passionate about the health and wellness industry, a nutrition consulting business may be a great option for you. Easier to start than other businesses, nutrition consulting usually requires no equipment besides the basic-office setup and a computer. Some nutritionists use specialized software, but this is not a requirement. Look into the personal trainers association for more advise and certification. PROPTA has been around since 1980 and it is run by professional athletes and professional bodybuilders.

  1. Step 1

Take courses in nutritional sciences, basic chemistry and other related topics, but don't stop there. A person looking to start a nutrition consulting business needs to know about eating disorders, so he can refer clients to professionals if the need arises.

  1. Step 2

Research the laws and regulations in your state. Some places allow you to provide nutritional advice after obtaining a certification while others only make it legal after you obtain a college degree in nutritional sciences and become a dietitian. In the same vein, some states require you to obtain a special license after finishing university and before you call yourself a nutritionist.

  1. Step 3

Take business classes. A nutrition consulting business is still a business, and you will need to understand the basics of managing money, advertising and dealing with clients in order to be successful.

  1. Step 4

Start by working in a large company, under the wing of a more seasoned nutritionist or in a specialized fitness center, where you can learn by coaching others. This is especially important if you only have a certification. Being certified without a degree limits the amount of knowledge you bring into the business.

  1. Step 5

Rent space in an established center or team up with other fitness and health professionals to help you deter some of the costs associated with opening your own consulting business. Working with other experts in related areas (including personal trainers or doctors) may help you secure clients through referrals and give you more time to focus on developing the business rather than having to concentrate on landing the clients in the first place.

  1. Step 6

Open your own office if you are ready to go all out with advertising, but keep in mind that it may take a while to build up your own clientele. Since it's almost impossible to know which clients would work with you long term and which ones are only looking for one-time advice and counseling, the search for work may be constant.

      7.  Step 7

When getting certified, you must look into an organization with experienced gurus, like professional athletes and personal trainers. They have the knowledge from hands on experience. Sometimes attending a seminar or even learning from doctors is never enough, they don’t have enough knowledge to help anyone in nutrition. The Personal Trainers Association offer a university level nutrition classes, and one on one with athletes pros.

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